mardi 16 septembre 2014

The Motor Car !

cela ne me rajeunie pas ... mais cette PANHARD (PL17) fut ma première voiture (un cadeau de mon père).... et la Smart décapotable est l'actuelle .... là cela fait jeune !! ... (un cadeau de mon homme )

this does not rejuvenated me ... but this PANHARD (PL17) was my first car (a gift from my father).... and convertible Smart is the current ... this is young !! ... (a gift from my man)

3 commentaires:

  1. That car is so cool, Missy! This is perfect for our Motor Car Challenge, and I love the bright turquoise you have chosen to use. This ATC has such great movement to it! Thanks for being soartful with us!!

  2. Great Motor Car, Missy! I was waiting for your car to arrive, thanks for coming once again to Soartful to join in the challenge with your inventive and often amusing and happy art. It's terrific the way you have all the Smart cars in the background too.

  3. Really a great work you've made on this fantastic car. I love the background too.
    Mar x


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