dimanche 11 mai 2014

Les monstres - The monsters - Question : A quoi on joue ?

What do we do for playing ?

4 commentaires:

  1. Oh these are fabulous, fabulous, friendly little monsters, I love them playing. My favourite is the one on the right, but don't tell the others, - oh and I like the second on the left. Thanks for the warning on Soartful. And I've just noticed the second on the right, she is lovely too. This is really fun artwork. I actually like all of them.

  2. Your monsters are SO much fun, I can only imagine the fun you had creating them!
    This is wonderful! Thank you for joining in with our challenge At Soartful, your piece has absolutely made my day!

  3. Your monsters are awesome, fun & cute and best of all homemade.

  4. Fantastique! I love your fun monsters. Well done!!!



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